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Experienced Representation for Dog Bite Injuries

Anyone who has been the victim of a dog bite can confirm the emotional trauma accompanying the pain and physical scars. As a personal injury law firm in Appleton, WI and the surrounding areas, the team of dog bite lawyers at Gabert Williams Konz & Lawrynk LLP works tirelessly to obtain proper settlements for our clients who have been bitten or attacked by a dog. These cases can carry a lifetime of significant emotional strain, especially for younger victims causing the mere presence of dogs to bring on anxiety and discomfort. Contact our team to schedule a consultation if you or a family member has received an injury from a pet.

An adult, aggressive male German shepherd attacks a man and bites his hand

You Have Rights After a Dog Bite

People love dogs, and rightfully so. When properly trained and cared for, they can be lovable, affectionate companions. Unfortunately, dogs can quickly turn into defense and protective mode, and those changes are difficult to predict. Some dogs, especially larger, stronger dogs, have reputations for being more aggressive than others. Others, including rescue dogs, may have experienced circumstances their owners may not know that affect how they behave in certain situations. Whatever reason a dog decides to attack or bite an adult or child, the dog owner is liable, and the victim is entitled to be compensated for the physical and mental injuries they suffer.

client and lawyer reviewing papers

Contact a Lawyer Immediately After a Dog Bite

The sooner you can contact our firm after a dog bite, the more successful your case will be. It’s critical to gather evidence and speak with witnesses as soon as possible after the incident to ensure accuracy and confirm the facts. Even if the wound appears to be minor, victims are at risk for any of the following:

  • Infections
  • Rabies
  • Tetanus
  • Pasteurella

Speak With a Dog Bite Lawyer in Appleton, WI and the surrounding areas

Victims of dog bites often know the dog and the owner before the incident. This can cause some people to contemplate whether or not they should seek damages. However, no matter how well you know the dog or the owner, you are entitled to compensation, and you should not hesitate to contact the attorneys at Gabert Williams Konz & Lawrynk LLP in Appleton, WI and the surrounding areas for assistance. If a dog owner is aware the dog previously caused injury to someone else, you may receive double the damages. In any case, our team will work to determine the facts and prove your case to ensure you receive just compensation for any injuries and financial losses. Contact us to schedule a free 30-minute consultation today.

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